Baptism Application

If you have recently decided to follow Jesus, baptism is a great next step in your faith journey! Submit the form below to sign up for our next Baptism Service.

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Please follow the following outline: 1. How can you describe your life before your decision of receiving Christ? 2. Please describe in a few words how you received Christ (Be specific). 3. How can you describe your life after you received Christ? 4. Share an appropriate Scripture verse that you relate to (optional) 5. Is there someone that maybe helped you to take this decision that you would like to thank? (Can be more than just one person).
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Upon completion of your application form, you will be invited to attend a required "Baptismal Orientation" session with other people who have also taken the decision of being baptized. We encourage to download the "Preparation Guidelines for Baptism" and the booklet "The Importance of Being Baptized" clicking in these links:


Thank you for taking the time to fill this form. We are really excited and looking forward to share with you this important and amazing event in your personal Christian grow. 

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