George Barna said; “The American church is dying due to a lack of strong leadership.” You may have a clear call of God on your life, but just because you have a call doesn’t mean that you are PREPARED to lead or accomplish what God planned for you. Before Moses got to the commission of the burning bush, he had already made one attempt to save his people - that was 40 years earlier. And that was a complete disaster. Yet he had the best training in Pharoah’s court. Yes, we all need some training in leadership skills if we are going to lead in our families, in our church, in our communities, city, and in the business world. But do you know what people need the most? Character formation! A lack of character is at the heart of most failures in homes, marriages, churches and in lives today. And that is what God put Moses into the wilderness for. Tending sheep was not necessarily giving him leadership skills for leading millions of people out of Egypt. He wasn’t acquiring that, his character was being formed.

Moses was illiterate in the ways of God, and his character wasn’t developed enough to learn and live by the ways of God. God brought Moses to a place of weakness and humility, in the eyes of the world. God is looking for people in whom godly character has been sufficiently formed that He can trust for IMPACTING kingdom assignments. So God is about character formation in all of us.

That’s what wilderness journeys are for. Are you experiencing a wilderness journey? A season when you are intentionally having to choose to trust God in the circumstances you are living and facing right now. God is preparing you for Maximum Impact. God is seeking people of integrity, obedience, submission, with the ability to hear His voice for teaching and direction. We are all in process, surrender to Him!

Roy Holmquist - NWFC Senior Pastor

* Extracted from our January 21st, 2018 Sunday Worship Bulletin.