Counting today’s message we have already managed to cover the first 6 chapters of the amazing book of Romans. Do you still remember what we said at the very beginning of this Series about the book of Romans? What is its main theme? The main theme of Romans is the Gospel and how the Gospel has the power to transform us and bring us back to God.

Romans is then Paul’s argument that Christ bridges the gap between us and God, and between cultures and race. Jesus is the way God fulfilled His promises to Abraham (we spoke about this a couple of Sundays ago when we covered Romans 4, remember?). Christ is the righteousness we all seek and it’s in Him that we come together.

Since Jesus changed our spiritual DNA, from earthly and wayward to heavenly and holy, by dying in our place on the Cross, now our true identity have been restored. We are no longer slaves to sin and death, they have no authority over us anymore. Now we have received Heavenly citizenship and we are part of God’s family. Jesus changed it all when He died on the Cross and when He rose from the death. This was the greatest breakthrough in history!

Since now our true Identity and our Destiny have been revealed to us (Paul spoke about this in chapters 4 and 5), and what we are missing to discover is our Journey. But don’t panic, Romans 6 speaks about that, and we will learn more about this in today’s message.

Now let me share with you a spiritual principle: When you know who you are (your Identity) and where you are going (your Destiny) then you will be in the best position to know how to get there (your Journey). This is a journey we all share and it leads to eternal life.

God’s best,

Pastor Roger Yenkins

* Extracted from our October 1st, 2017 Sunday Worship Bulletin.