In our study on the Book of Romans, Paul begins by making the convincing case that everybody has sinned. He has begun by answering the question, “Why do I need to be saved?” He says that everybody has sinned therefore we all need forgiveness and salvation from God. Paul identifies three different types of people who need forgiveness, who need to be saved.

  • They are the rebellious person,
  • The respectable person,
  • And the religious person.

In chapter one we looked at the rebellious person. Those who have reveled against God outwardly, they reject God, they repress the truth, they reject the truth, they replace the truth. Intellectually they rebel against God and we saw how morally they rebel against God to do their own thing in sexual immorality and perversions. Paul says they were guilty of two kinds of sins: godlessness which is living as though God doesn’t exist and wickedness which means living without rules.

Today we deal with the second and third kind of person, the respectable person, and the religious person. The respectable person says, “I’m a decent person, I’m law abiding, I am better than that person.” They are quick to judge people whose sins are more open and gross. The religious person is trying to work their way to heaven and is trusting in their religion to save them.

Pastor Roy Holmquist

* Extracted from our September 3rd, 2017 Sunday Worship Bulletin.