With the grace of God, in today’s service, we are finishing our Bible series on the book of Romans. Somehow for the last sixteen Sundays, we managed to cover the 433 verses that compose the most relevant and important epistle of the New Testament, Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans. I invite you to visit our website and listen to the messages again. Since Romans is a book that covers both the doctrine and praxis of our Christian faith, I believe it is a book that every believer should read, study and meditate on.

In today’s message we cover the first 16 verses of chapter 16 and now in this brief reflection, I would like to ponder with you the rest of the verses with which Paul closes his greatest letter. From verses 17 to 23 Paul stops his greetings to leave a final warning against the false teachers that were provoking divisions and putting obstacles in the way of the growth of many Christians back then. The commandment of Paul to the believers is to simply avoid these kinds of people. These false teachers only pursue the purpose of serving themselves and not Christ. Paul then commands the church in Rome to be wise and be alert and “to be innocent as to what is evil” (v. 20).

Then Paul, guided by the Holy Spirit, gives to the believers in Rome and us here and now, one of the most powerful promises of victory over the enemy that we can find in Scriptures: The God of peace will soon crush Satan under our feet. Because of this promise of victory, believers can burst out in praise and worship declaring that only God is wise and worthy of glory, through his son Jesus Christ, forever and ever, amen. God’s glory is then the goal of our lives and the joy of our hearts. Next week we will be starting our Christmas series. Don’t miss out!

Pastor Roger Yenkins

* Extracted from our December 10th, 2017 Sunday Worship Bulletin.