As a review in our Study of Romans: Paul, in chapter one, talks about how there are pagans, rebellious people, who thumb their nose to God and do their own thing, getting into all kinds of perversion and live as though there is no God. Those people will be judged.

We’ve looked at the fact that God reveals Himself to all men through nature, our conscience, and to the Jews through the Law. As a result everybody is responsible, nobody is without excuse. Because God has revealed Himself, we are accountable to Him. Both Jews and Gentiles are responsible and guilty before God. In chapter two we looked at the fact that God judges people. We are not to judge anybody. We looked at seven reasons why we're not to judge anybody. Paul is building this case and takes different groups in our world and shows why each group is guilty.

In chapter 2, he says, “Those of you who think you’re good moral people and respectable, you’re no better off”, and then he talks about those who are respectable, who say, “I’m not like those people!” He says you have some things in your life that you've done wrong. Then there are some religious people who are not just a good moral person and certainly not somebody who's living without God, I'm a religious person.  Last week we saw that religion has never saved anybody.  Rules and regulations and rituals are just not enough to give you a passport into heaven. Today, we see Paul making his closing arguments for God’s can against humanity. Also we see the heart of the Gospel — Christ’s death on the cross.

Pastor Roy Holmquist

* Extracted from our September 10th, 2017 Sunday Worship Bulletin.