In the times we live in, we are seeing more and more how the different institutions that used to hold our culture are being shaken and changed. In this case, the family, that divine and sacred institution that God created since the beginning of times, is currently being attacked from different fronts such as the media, Hollywood, politicians, celebrities, and others. While back in the days' songs used to have love and romance between the frame of marriage, nowadays it is totally different. For instance, as I am writing these lines, the #1 song here in Canada according to Spotify is “Despacito”, which by the way doesn’t have a bit of romance in it. A study conducted by George Barna last year showed that only 53% of millennials (those born between 1977 and 1994) said that family makes up “a lot” of their identity (while 76% of elders, 64% of gen-xers, and 61% of boomers believes that family takes a vital part of their identity). I can hardly imagine what will happen with the next generation (generation Z) if we don’t revert these numbers. This is just frightening. 

The truth is that as the Church we are here to make an impact in the world, not to pass unnoticed by the world. And I believe that marriage and family are the battlegrounds where we need to fight the good fight. As a matter of fact, God is extremely concerned about our marriages and families. Why? Not only because He loves us endlessly but also because our marriages are a prophetic and powerful symbol of the union between Christ and the Church (Ephesians 5:22-33), and our relationship with our children is an image of His fatherhood (Ephesians 6:1-3). In Greek the word “family” is patria, which is the same word we use in Spanish for “homeland”. I believe that our families should be the place where we want and long to be able to find peace, to laugh and cry with confidence, and where we can give and receive love. If your family is not in this place yet, I invite you to ask the Holy Spirit to come and dwell in your house bringing his peace (Luke 10:5). Invite Jesus to enter your home and then listen to his tender voice announcing to you: “Today salvation has come to this house.” (Luke 19:9)

Roger Yenkins - NWFC Associate Pastor

* Extracted from our February 4th, 2018 Sunday Worship Bulletin.