He bore the sins of many and interceded for rebels. (Isaiah 53:12)


Sooner or later we all feel the painful effects of sin. Sometimes it’s the weight of our own sin and the same and embarrassment of having failed miserably. At other times, it’s the load of someone else’s sin that weighs us down-someone who betrayed, deceived, abandoned, ridiculed, cheated, or made a fool of us. 

Think about a time when the weight of that guilt or pain was so heavy that you couldn’t pull yourself out of bed. Now try to imagine the heaviness of the combined grief that everyone’s sin has caused your family, your church, your neighborhood. Add to that all the suffering sin has caused everyone in your city, province, nation, and the world. Now try to imagine the accumulated grief that sin has caused throughout the centuries since creation. Is it any wonder that the weight of all this sin began squeezing the life out of Jesus on the night He was called to bear it? (Matthew 26:36-44). The next day, even His beloved Father would forsake Him. No other suffering can compare.  

Sin put Jesus to the ultimate test. But His love endured it, His strength bore it, and His power overcame it. Thanks to Jesus’ death and resurrection, we know beyond a doubt that sin will not and cannot win.

Christ’s empty tomb guarantees our victory over sin and death.

Listening Prayer Exercise: “Lord Jesus, what are the lies that I’ve been believing about myself that won’t allow me to enjoy your victory? Please help me to identify them and stop believing them. I’m victorious in You, Jesus.” 

Roger Yenkins - NWFC Associate Pastor

* Extracted from our March 25th, 2018 Sunday Worship Bulletin.