As 2018 has begun, we want to ask the question: “Will 2018 be a year of settling for less, status quo, same-old - same-old, or a year of significance?”

We believe that God’s desire is for you to live a life of meaning and purpose, and in this new 5 Part Teaching Series you will discover how your life can make an “IMPACT”!

Newton’s Cradle

It’s named after Sir Isaac Newton. It’s called Newton’s Cradle because it helps demonstrate one of  Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of physics. That is when two objects collide, the momentum of the objects before they collide is equal to the momentum of the objects after they collide. In other words, if one pulls back this first ball and lets it go, bam, it hits the first ball and it stops moving, but it doesn’t lose momentum. The momentum is transferred through the second ball, to the third ball, to the fourth ball, and then one ball on the end flies up in the air and it keeps going. The momentum before is equal to the momentum after. If one pulls back two of the balls, now all of the sudden two balls are being thrown up in the air on the other side. If one grabs it and pull back three balls, that’s got a lot of momentum. Now three balls are being thrown up. 

In other words, this helps to illustrate impact. In this series, just like this first ball, we’re saying imagine what our lives would be like if just one life is sold out for God, if one life lives for God in such a way that they can have impact in your life, impacts another life, it impacts another life. Pretty soon you’re impacting so many other lives, even the lives of people you don’t know. That’s what this series is about. We hope you will plan on being here for each of these timely and important messages as we begin 2018!

Roy Holmquist - NWFC Senior Pastor

* Extracted from our January 7th, 2018 Sunday Worship Bulletin.